Educate Yourself

1. Pyrros Dimas

Pyrros Dimas was one of the baddest dudes to ever set foot on a lifting platform and probably the Earth. Guy was in 4 Olympics and went gold at the ’92 Barcelona games, gold at the 1996 Atlanta games, gold in Sydney in 2000 and he finished his career in his home country of Greece with a bronze metal.

Dimas broke multiple world records, even breaking two world records in the 1996 Atlanta games to take home the cheddar. Career bests of a 180.5 kg (397.1 lbs.) snatch at 85 kg (187 lbs.), 215 kg (473 lbs.) clean and jerk at 85 kg (187 lbs.), and a 392.5 kg (863.5 lbs.) total at 83 kg. Fuggin’ Swollhaus.

2. Etc!Etc!

Based out of LA, ETC!ETC! lays it down.

3. Sean Connery

If Sean Connery, doesn’t get you pumped, then you might be dead.

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