Educate Yourself II

1. Hookgrip Youtube Channel

So you like weightlifting, but you want to nerd out on it even more. Hookgrip’s Youtube Channel has lifts from many of the world’s top lifters and even some high speed camera footage. Watching both lifts in high speed make it a whole new world in terms of appreciating the speed and power of the lifts and even as a learning tool for yourself. In my opinion, get your face there now and start watching some of the best.

2. Swollhaus’ Soundcloud

Yeah, we like to post some sweet jams from time to time, but we will be building the mega lifting, death of old PR’s, super mix on our soundcloud. She is still young, but we will be adding 1 or 2 jams daily for you to both smash it in the gym and show them ladies that you like to get down.


3. If you’re going to be training, then you should train for the Kumite

If you don’t understand the reference, then we have much more work to do with you than just pump iron…

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