“But I don’t wanna be big…”


So you want to start working out, but you “don’t want to get big”. So what have you been doing? Ah, yes! Your 5 sets of 10 at light weight that your gym rat friend told you to do. You want to get tone, but you don’t really want your muscles to get bigger (WAT?).

Here’s the scoop. Do you want to have that plump little butt and six pack abs? Well, you need to get yourself under some heavy freakin’ weight. “But that will make me big!” I disagree. Take a look at some of the beautiful ladies below:

Do they look “manly”? Do they look “big”? No. They’ve simply decreased their body fat and increased the size of their muscles to create that “fit body” look, and it looks amazing! Oh, and they used heavy freakin’ weight!

“Yeah, but how do I do that?” Well, let’s go with the basics:

Let’s start with you wanting to build that butt. You need to squat, and the leg press or smith machine doesn’t count. You need to get under a barbell. Why? Because this requires you to stabilize an outside object, in this case the barbell. By doing this you’re not only improving leg strength and that butt size, but you are using your core to stabilize. That’s a double whammy in my book!

Now you want to talk about those six pack abs you’ve been asking Jillian Michaels for since your second year of college. I’ll be straight with you, abs are made in the kitchen. No matter how many crunches, bosu ball sit ups, or other workouts you take off Pintrest, you’ll never see the results you want unless you start making changes in the kitchen. How does one do this? Well, keep it simple on yourself. Limit meals to meats and veggies then avoid excess carbs (BREAD!) and sugar as best you can. Guaranteed you’ll see the excess weight fall off and those abs begin to show. It’s not that you don’t have them it’s just that (don’t panic) there’s too much in front of them to be super visible. Where can you find a diet plan that might be the solution to your problem? How about our carb backloading article.

Let’s summarize: Get yourself doing some free weight based exercises and make the necessary adjustments to your diet. As a matter of fact, our powerlifting program wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Party on, Wayne.


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