Educate Yourself III

1. Joey Chestnut

For those of you who were not out on July 4th celebrating the greatest country on Earth, then maybe you don’t know about Joey Chestnut. WHO IS JOEY CHESTNUT?! He is the EIGHT TIME Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest champion. Letting the world know that hot dogs are American made, and we’re the best at consuming them.

Hats off to you, sir.



2. Chubbies Shorts


You lookin’ for that next piece of your wardrobe that is going to: A) Let all the ladies know you lift, B) Show off those Roman pillars you call legs, and C) Look extra fly in the club?

You NEED to grab yourself a pair of these bad boys. Guarantee to increase your alcohol consumption and 1 rep maxes by 8.7%



3. If you ever want to feel small

Check out Ilya Ilyin’s YouTube channel and just watch:

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