WHUTT’s GOOD /wʌt’s ɡʊd/ – tracks curated for big lifts and throwing elbows.

Athletixx, hailing from LA, is the latest collab featuring Falcons, DJ Hoodboi, Promnit, and Kittens. Gaining widespread recognition in the music industry and backing from major labels, they’ve killed it, but we already knew that from their album art. Listen to their first mixtape, Allstars Mixtape Vol. 1 via Soundcloud below.


Swollhaus Music Disclaimer:

Tracks have a 85% chance of containing profanity and a 100% chance in breaking PRs. We try our best to promote the artists we love by featuring their album artwork and directly linking their Soundcloud page, if for any reason you need to get a hold of us, please email us.

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