Injury Lessons

Look, getting hurt sucks. We get it. You want to get back to training as soon as possible, but recovering from injury can be a long road to hoe. Here are somethings to think about, apply to training, or do to help yourself through the process.

1. Don’t be a Hero

Oh, it’s feeling good today? You know what would be a great idea….to not use it anyway. Give your body time to heal itself. Don’t think that because you’re not feeling any pain that it is OK to jump back on the horse and start throwing the weights around again. As a matter of fact, don’t jump back in to where you left off in your training. Smoothly ramp your volume/intensity back up to normal levels.

2. Learn to program around the problem.

Just because  you are hurt doesn’t mean that you’re dead. You have a shoulder injury? Sounds like you need to squat more. There are plenty of things for you to do that don’t involve the problem area. Not sure? Seek the guidance of someone who has had the injury before or talk to someone who has a programming knowledge base….or Google that shit…..

3. Seek help

Just like looking for ways to program around the injury, look for therapy that can help accelerate the healing process. ART specialists in your area can be a Fountain of Youth for many of us putting some hard ware-and-tear on the body. Most likely, they’ve seen your injury before and can help you work things out. Obviously, if your injury is more serious, then stretching and release techniques won’t cut it. Seek more specific help if necessary…again, Google that shit…


WAIT IT OUT. The more impatient you are the more likely you are to hurt yourself again. Time heals all wounds, bro (even that broken heart). More often than not, when you think you’re ready, you’re not, and you need more time.


Getting hurt, while super lame, is a normal part of the game and must be learned to be dealt with just like any other speed bump on your path to Ultimate Warrior (R.I.P.) of the gym. Hopefully, some of these things help you on your way.

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