Educate Yourself V


1. The Brauhaus

Look, if you’re one of those people that only drinks “good” coffee from Starbucks, that’s actually like telling people you only eat good hamburgers, like the ones at McDonalds. Our homies at The Brauhaus are serving up single batch, kyoto drip, cold brew. What does that mean? That mean’s you’re getting a bean that comes from a single source. Outlandish flavor, high quality, and caffeine that would make The Flash look at you like you’re crazy. Kyoto drip process is labor intensive. They’re making it with love. Also, that process ensures that you get all that caffeine from the beans. Check out their website and get ready for a revolution that George Washington would be behind.



2. Hearthstone

If you’re nerds like us, you love to play games. What’s better than playing games? Playing free games? What’s better than free games? Free games that are actually good. Lately, we’ve been duking it out in this online card game brought to you by Blizzard Entertainment. If you love crushing nerds as much as you like crushing weights at the gym, then you should dig Hearthstone.



3. The Nike Met Con 1

The baddest training shoes are now on the market. If you’re looking for that perfect shoe to go along with your lifting shoes, then we have found the shoe for you. Not only is it functional and allow you to do just about everything under the sun in them, but they look DAMN good too. They have a boat load of colors to choose from, but if you see ’em, grab ’em. They are flying fast.


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Begin the Jackification

Don’t forget that the 8 week powerlifting program goes live TODAY. You can check it out in our Programming & Events section.

Each workout will be released on the day of or possibly the day before. Notes into all my thinking will be included and ASK QUESTIONS.

Please check it out, try it out, walk it out, twerk it out…whatever you wanna do to make you happy.

Thanks for reading and check back for more articles, content, and other shenanigans that are coming soon.

Maximum Jackification

I recently competed in my first sanctioned powerlifting meet and took third.

In celebration of such an achievement, I will be providing my entire program I used leading up to the event. It covers 8 weeks, and I will include every detail and note.

If you are interested, you can find it in the Programming & Events section of the site starting April 20th. On the calendar, you will see the daily program, percentages used, and my weights, all dat gud stuff.

If you have any questions regarding the program, you can always get in contact with me via email.

Lift heavy stuff,