Swollhaus’ Five Pillars are five separate maxims to live by and are all in the name of one thing, gains. These are more important than squatting.


Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, weightlifter, athlete or whatever it is you may be, make sure that the actions you take in the gym match what you are looking to achieve. Don’t be that person who wants to look great naked, have a 2,000 pound total, and have a 1.5x body weight snatch. Chances are that ain’t going to happen, bruh. Pick your discipline and stick to it.


Have a plan. Don’t show up to start your workout and begin monkey-fucking around the gym doing a random leg machine followed by some dumbbell curls. Figure it out. Devise a plan that matches your goals, or find someone who can help you plan.


Yo, did you just bench 305? Pretty stoked? Well good, because now we’re going after 310, then 315, and then 320. Don’t ever be satisfied with your progress. You should already be looking ahead to the next goal you are about to achieve.


We know a lot of our Pillars are testosterone pumping, blood rushing, Swollhaus strong shit, but at the same time, you should be able to correctly perform every movement you attempt. Your half repin’, bro fistin’, pre-workout drinkin’ ain’t going to cut it in this neck of the woods.


We want you to take gym time seriously. This is your time to get bigger, faster, and stronger. We’re all about that, but look, you should also be having a great time. Lift with your friends and have a few laughs along the way [AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T TURN INTO A 47 MINUTE GOSSIP SESSION ON HOW SICK BECKY LOOKED IN THOSE YOGA PANTS].