Swollhaus is about one thing, the straightforward, aggressive pursuit of gains. We are here to simply provide an avenue for you to share your athletic accomplishments, talk about cool shit, and have a great time in the process. We strive to be concise and straightforward in every facet of Swollhaus; we don’t have time to waste, and we know you don’t either.


Meet The Team

Joe Occhipinti

A beer-drinkin’, good food-eatin’, weight-movin’ S.O.B. from Southern California who is always looking for a good time. Joey enjoys short shorts, big quads, and huge lifts; he likes his women like his barbells, rough to the touch.

Will Huttner

Captain Will of the Conquistador is a purveyor of fine barrel aged, imperial stouts from across the lands. His impeccable taste is only matched by his devilish good looks and gratitude for the dumbbell curl. Occasionally, he will just exit his fine home and run a half marathon to maintain his alpha male status as Captain of his vessel.

Located in the heart of America:
Orange County, California.