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Powerlifting 5.5.2015

May 5, 2015

First things first. 


Happy Cinco de Mayo.


Ok, back to training…..


Hopefully, you hit more than 3 yesterday, and at minimum hit 2. If you didn’t then run yourself through the checklist in yesterdays post. Sometimes you just don’t have it going that day.

Back to an auxiliary day:


1) Stretch + Mobilize


2a) 4×8 each leg Crossbody RDL
*The movement is exactly like what you will see in the link above. However, we will put a small twist on it. We will use a single dumbbell and the dumbbell will be in the opposite hand as the plant foot. So, if I am keeping my right foot on the ground, then I will be attempting to LIGHTLY tap the dumbbell on the ground with my left hand. Focus on keeping your knee externally rotated and the weight on the outside of our foot. If you’re not flexible enough to keep your back straight, leg straight, and tap the dumbbell on the ground, then just go as far as you can while remaining flat/straight with your back and legs.*


2b) 4×10 Leg Extension
*Good, old fashion, Arnold-era leg extensions. Get them quads huge. I don’t know if theres much explanation needed here…*


3a) 5×8 each leg Bulgarian Split Squat


3b) 4×6 Glute Ham Raise


4) Roll Out/Stretch/Cool Down


May 5, 2015
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