Powerlifting 4.28.2015

Week 2. Day 2.


Keeping on track. We are back to our typical auxiliary day, well typical for the time being. You will see this thing change and bend to our needs as time progresses, same for Thursdays.


We will be doing the same stuff as last week. The most important thing I can say about these auxiliary days (I say this for most days) is to keep track of what you are doing. If you do 20 pounds 1 week, then use 15 the next, then you aren’t progressing the way you should be. Some of these auxiliary movements, we want to make little jumps from week to week.


And we’re off…


1) Stretch + Mobilize
*I’m still focusing on my shoulder…*


2) Chinese Good Morning for a max Triple
*Again, make sure you are getting 5+ working sets at a moderate to heavy weight. That last triple should be as heavy as you can go without over straining yourself.*


3a) 5×10 Bulgarian Split Squat


3b) 4×6 Glute Ham Raise
*Peep last weeks program for the link to see variants of this movement if you can’t perform it or don’t have a GHD.*

4) Ab – work
*This one is up to you this week. For me, I just did some good old-fashion, American sit-ups. However, the choice is yours.*


5) Roll out + Cooldown


I know this may seem like it’s repetitive, because it is. Too much variance in a program will get us away from the main goal.